Below are the handouts given to each student who receives a computer:

Q: Why use Linux instead of Windows?

A: Windows comes with licensing restrictions and additional costs.  Also, even Windows XP has greater hardware requirements than Linux.  To the user, this means the computer using Linux runs faster than Windows, especially on older computers.   Linux is Open Source, basically free.  Since it is Linux based (Ubuntu Linux), it also needs no antivirus software, another reason it is fast than Windows.

Q: How can I install new software on Linux?

A: Linux actually comes with a lot of software already installed for free.  This includes LibreOffice, a Microsoft compatible Word Processor, Spreadsheet, and Presentation software package.   Also, all the programs needed to surf the Web is already installed for free, including Firefox browser, Flash (necessary for Youtube). 

If you want to install new software (again for free), just go to the System Settings, Ubuntu Software Center.  There are thousands of “Open Source” software that are easy to install and use, all for free.

If you are asked for a password when you install new software – just use the password you were given as part of the paperwork that came with your computer.  If you have forgotten your password, email Terry@2ndChanceModesto.Org.